Yoga Instructor Certificate Course (YICC)




A certificate program designed by Swami Vivekananda Yoga Anusandhana Samsthana (sVYASA), a famous Yoga University whose work has a presence in 20 countries worldwide, with collaborative research projects in the U.S.A and U.K.

In YICC, one will be systematically trained to learn the techniques of Yoga and teaching techniques as well. This course integrates the various aspects of Yoga-Asanas (postures), Pranayama (breathing techniques), Kriyas (cleansing techniques), the essence of yogic literature and philosophy into a holistic composite, thus enabling the student/participant to understand and impart the knowledge of Yoga in its entirety. It is a truly insightful and empowering course designed not only to impart techniques of teaching Yoga but also to facilitate the learner to begin his/her own journey of self-awareness and development.

A certificate program that is rewarding and enriching and will be conducted by Om Shiva Yoga, Singapore.


It is based on more than 20 years of in-depth study in the field of Yoga and Spirituality by sVYASA. Research behind YICC largely follows the direction given by Swami Vivekananda, who pronounced that we need to combine the best of the West (modern scientific research) with the best of the East (yoga and spiritual lore) to bring a grand harmony and peace on earth.

The objective of conducting this program, throughout the world, is to bring the holistic vision of yoga and spiritual lore as a way of life dominated by health & strength, peace and efficiency, harmony and growth; to solve the problems of the modern society and to build ideal social orders.


– Learn the science of Yoga from one of the best in the world!
– Greater self-awareness and consciousness
– Ability to synergize one’s mind, body and soul
– Holistic understanding of the philosophy of Yoga
– Learning tools for holistic living
– Stress Management, prevention of stress related ailments
– Improved memory, creativity & calmness through Pranayama (breathing techniques) & Dhyana (meditation)
– Empowering you with a career in yoga in order to serve society


YICC consists of following parts:

Part 1 – THEORY – 80 hours

– Yoga – Need of the hour, Yoga concept and definitions
– Basis of Yoga
– Streams of Yoga and Unity in Diversity
– Theory of Yogic Practices, Asanas, Pranayama, Kriyas, and Meditation
– Application of Yoga
– Introduction to Yoga Therapy
– Educational Applications
– Stress and Yoga
– Yoga and Diet
– Teaching Techniques and Introduction to Research


– Breathing Practices
– Loosening Practices
– Yogasanas – basic set
– Pranayama
– Cyclic Meditation
– Kriyas
– Mudras and Bandhas
– Teaching Techniques


Each student has to complete 120 hours of teaching yoga under the guidance of a certified yoga instructor. This can be completed within one month to two years, depending on the dedication and time commitment of the student.

There are many daily Yoga classes at our Om Shiva Yoga studio. Here students can come and complete his/her hours. There is also an alternative way to complete the teaching hours. One can do this at Community Centres, Sports Complexes, Singapore Sports Council and other centres. New students can become an assistant teacher with them and complete their hours.

Students who are signed up under Om Shiva Yoga will be allowed to use 30 Practice hours with our Principal Yoga Teacher, Asokan as part of your 120 teaching practice hours.

Upon completing the 120 hours, the student will be rewarded with his/her certificate, acknowledged by the Vice chancellor of sVYASA. This certificate is internationally recognized and is certified sVYASA, Bangalore, India.

Part 4 – FIELD REPORT on any suitable yoga subject


Course Fee: S$ 2900

Class size is limited to facilitate personalized attention, therefore it is strongly recommended to register as early as possible. We also need a minimum number of participants to start a course, so sign up as early as you can to ensure a spot in the training, if we do not get the minimum number require, course may be postponed to start later.

You can sign-up for YICC by completing the registration form and submitting it with the course fee. Please contact us by email at info@omshivayoga.com for more details and/or requesting the registration form.

You can also download the form here.


For more information
Tel: (+65) 90902257
Email: omshivayoga@gmail.com
Location of Classes
Classes will be held in Little India
*Om Shiva Yoga reserves the right to relocate classes if and when neccesary.

Start Date, Name & Contact No.

About the Yoga Master Mr. Manoj Thakur , Masters in Yogic Sciences (M.Sc.yoga)
– He has been teaching yoga for the past 19 years. He is working as in charge of Singapore Centre of world fame Vivekananda Yoga University Bangalore, India since September, 2003.
– He has conducted 29 “Yoga Instructor Certificate Courses” in Singapore and trained more than 400 Yoga Instructors.
– He has worked as in charge of Yoga Department in MDS University, Ajmer, Rajasthan, India (Indian Goverment University) for 4 years and has conducted many Certificate and Diploma courses.
– He has conducted several International Yoga conferences as organising secretary at Bangalore, Delhi & Rishikesh (India)
– He has worked at Cancer Hospital and Research Centre Gwalior, India as Yoga Therapist.
– He has specialisation in treating various psychosometic ailments such as Asthma, High BP, Back Pain, Anxiety & Depression, Arthritis, Diabetes, Digestive disorders, Obesity etc. ,through Yoga therapy and Meditation
– He has done specialisation in “Stress Management Program” for corporate sector

YICC Partial Payment
Name, Contact No., Start Date
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