Asokan has been practicing and teaching yoga for more than a decade now. He has always been passionate about physical fitness, and started his journey as a national long distance runner in Malaysia after which he had a successful career as a gym fitness instructor in Singapore.

When he was 33 he discovered the mental, physical and spiritual benefits of yoga, and realized that he had found his path in this life. As someone who discovered an innate ability and passion fairly late in life, he strongly believes that the same could be true for many others. This belief drives his teaching, as he tries to help his students on their journey of deeper self discovery.

Asokan is a highly intuitive teacher who received his teacher training from the Sivananda school and the Swami Vivekenanda Yoga Research Foundation (SVYASA) in Singapore as well as the Bihar school of yoga in Bangalore. He has also received teacher training in Family and Kids Yoga from Global Family Yoga. He is a Yoga Alliance ERYT-200. Being well versed in toning and strengthening of the human body, as well as therapy for health issues and injuries, Asokan is a highly sought after teacher in Singapore. He currently teaches not just at Om Shiva Yoga but also in spas and corporate companies, as well as private classes.



Joni first came across Yoga about 7 years ago. At that time, she had just completed her MBA and was attending Yoga classes over Friday nights and weekends. When she completed the MBA course, she was looking for some kind of activity or sport to fill up her time and also to find relaxation from her hectic work schedule. So she signed up for Yoga classes.

What she found was that the more she practised, the more she understood herself and enhanced her personal growth. This created positive changes in her life and also marked her first step into the holistic journey of Yoga.

She took up a Yoga Teacher Training Course under Shiva Yoga Kendra and graduated with a International Diploma in Ashtanga Yoga in November 2005. She has been teaching since then.

For Joni, Yoga is a lifelong journey. It allows one to rest the mind and experience life to its fullest. She hopes to help everyone achieve tranquility, self awareness and a positive attitude towards life.



Juliana's first contact with Yoga was a little more than 10 years ago, when her sister brought her for a class. At that time, however, she didn't know that Yoga was to be her path in life! Several years later, she started Yoga again, and this time she felt all the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual benefits. She found that she was focusing much better, her health was improving, her body getting trim and fit, and she was becoming more open emotionally and spiritually.

Juliana enjoyed yoga so much that she now continues on her life journey with yoga full-time, dedicating herself to the practice of yoga while teaching and sharing her passion. She likes teaching yoga very much, as it is really wonderful and heart warming to see happy faces at the end of every class. Learning is a life-long journey; Juliana continues to attend other teacher's classes, workshops, and training courses to improve her own practice as well as her teaching.

Juliana graduated from the Sivananda Teacher's Training Course and the Yoga Instructor's Course of SVYASA, Bangalore where she thoroughly enjoyed learning about and debating the philosophy of yoga. She is certified by Global Family Yoga and Karma Kids Yoga to teach Kids and Teens. Juliana is currently focussing on Pre and Post Natal Yoga as well as on the well-being of women in terms of general health and fertility.

Through her interaction with fellow practitioners and teachers, Juliana was exposed to many new things including Ayurveda, healing energies and Reiki. She is a Level 1 Reiki practitioner and seeks to to further her knowledge in Ayurveda, and to integrate her yoga practice and teaching with Reiki and Ayurveda. She continues her education in Yoga by attending more training courses, workshops and through teaching as well. Juliana is a Yoga Alliance RYT-200.





Seven years ago, Kym attended her first yoga class and immediately felt the mental and physical benefits. Through hard work and amazing self-discipline, she has developed an intense daily personal practice as she strives to deepen her knowledge and understanding of the full philosophy of yoga.

Kym is also a talented photographer, but as her passion for yoga grew she felt the need to also share what she has learnt with others. She received her teaching training from the Yoga Vedanta Training Academy International Shivaananda Kendra.

Kym conducts her classes primarily in English but is also able to teach in Mandarin.

















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